Job Category
Exemption Status/Test
Reports To
Assistant Superintendent of C&I
Date Revised
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Primary Purpose
The Director of English Learner (EL) programs is the instructional leader for English Learner (EL) programs and is responsible for the interpretation and administration of programs, requirements, and accountability indicators related to services for English Learners as required by local, state and federal regulations. The Director is responsible for and supports instructional projects and initiatives including the use of high-quality instructional pedagogy and comprehensive professional development through advocacy, leadership, management and monitoring.
Education Certification

Master’s degree in relevant educational field

Doctorate degree or recent advanced coursework preferred

Valid Texas Administrator Certification or other appropriate certifications

Valid Texas Teacher’s Certification (Bilingual Education Certification preferred)

Special Knowledge/Skills

Demonstrated experience with the design, development and implementation of EL programs

Knowledge of federal and state EL compliance and monitoring requirements

Experience working with district departments to integrate system-wide activities to meet targets

Demonstrated experience with large-scale project management

Experience in meeting facilitation and task management

Ability to implement policy and procedures

Experience preparing and maintaining a variety of narrative and statistical reports, records, inventories, and other materials related to EL programs

Ability to interpret data to evaluate program implementation effectiveness

Evidence of development, design and delivery of presentations and staff development

Strong organization, communication, leadership, public relations, and interpersonal skills

Ability to communicate with teachers, educational leaders, school trustees, parents, and community leaders

Ability to manage budget, supplemental pay, and personnel

Ability to function as a member of a high-performing team

Ability to work well with a diverse population


Five (5) years of successful public school teaching experience

Three (3) years of successful experience in campus/central office leadership supervising programs and/or personnel

Ability to speak and write Spanish fluently

Demonstrated experience with the design, development and implementation of English Learner programs

Major Responsibilities and Duties

English Learner Program Management

  • Directs the design, development, and implementation of district-wide EL programs, projects and activities, including summer school and local, state and federal initiatives related to ELs.
  • Collect, analyze, and disseminate student achievement data pertaining to ELs.
  • Provides leadership for the appropriated use of data to establish rigorous, concrete goals in the context of EL student achievement and instructional programs through a collaborative, inquiry-based approach resulting in the design and implementation of improvement plans, which capitalize on strengths and mitigate challenges.
  • Supports efforts by teachers and principals to achieve goals as measured by local, state and federal accountability systems.
  • Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of curriculum, instruction, assessment and programming pertaining to ELs, utilizing the information to support ongoing program development and advocacy.
  • Articulates and promotes high expectations for teaching and learning by creating, promoting and operationalizing high expectations and assessing progress towards those expectations
  • Aligns and implements EL programs with the district’s vision and goals for ELs by effectively and efficiently organizing and sustaining resources.
  • Directs the implementation of EL processes and systems to support teaching, learning, and organizational effectiveness consistent with student needs.
  • Provides leadership for district and department initiatives, including change efforts, by defining systemic implications for ELs and supporting the development of comprehensive plans for achieving goals.
  • Develop, conduct or arrange for professional development series for district and campus staff, including topics such as instructional methods, enriched learning in classroom settings, and strategies for promoting high levels of academic success for ELs.
  • Provides leadership, professional development, and motivation in the use of educational technology to meet the needs of EL students in a variety of administrative and educational settings.
  • Provides leadership, encouragement, opportunities and structure for staff to continually design more effective teaching and learning experiences for EL students.
  • Oversees the selection and purchase of supplemental equipment and supplies for successful EL program implementation and development.

Policy, Reports and Law

  • Compile, maintain, and file all reports, records, and other documents required of EL programming, including local, state and federal compliance reporting.
  • Comply, interpret and implement school policies established by state and federal law, State Board of Education rule, and local school board policy related to the implementation of EL programs.
  • Ensure that schools are in compliance with local, state and federal EL requirements outlined in statute, education code, administrative code and board policy.
  • Monitor state and federal legislative processes for potential impact of EL programs.
  • Supervises the development of guidance documents associated with the implementation of EL programs, such as program implementation manuals, RtI for ELs procedural guidelines, LPAC operations framework.
  • Make required written and oral reports to the Board of Trustees, as well as other presentations to interested parties relative to EL programs, EL student performance outcomes, and other department activities.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Articulate the district’s mission, instructional philosophy and curriculum implementation strategies to the community and solicit its support in realizing the district’s mission.
  • Promotes collaboration with all stakeholders and communicates effectively regarding the district’s strategic and improvement plans.
  • Promote high expectations for student performance, growth and opportunities, with an emphasis on equity and access.
  • Collaboratively establish a culture that welcomes and honors families and community and seeks ways to engage them in student learning.
  • Engages family and community by promoting shared responsibility for student learning and support of the education system.
  • Provides leadership for assessing, developing and improving climate and culture by supporting district and campus leaders, staff and other stakeholders.
  • Use effective communication skills to present information accurately and clearly.
  • Demonstrate awareness of district-community needs and initiate activities to meet those needs.
  • Represent the District through various professional organization and at meetings on the local, state ad national level.
  • Pursue professional growth through reading, attending conferences, and being involved with related agencies and organizations.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Compile budget and cost estimates to support office efficiency, as well as the implementation of a comprehensive EL programs.
  • Leads development, preparation and administration of the budget for supplies and equipment and ensure that EL programs are cost effective and local/state/federal funds are managed wisely.
  • Manages fiscal and physical resources responsibly, efficiently and effectively by using data to inform budget decisions and to equitably and adequately allocate district resources to support district goals and EL learning needs.
  • Provide overall department direction in accordance with district policies and applicable laws, including: interviewing; training; directing work; conducting staff appraisals; providing staff acknowledgements and disciplinary consequences; addressing complaints and resolving problems’ and handling department fiscal matters.
  • Recruits, selects, inducts and retains staff to support quality instruction of ELs.
  • Provides ongoing coaching for improvement and maximizes the use of the district’s staff evaluation processes to improve performance.
  • Systematically and fairly recognizes and celebrates accomplishments of staff and students by assuring structures for recognition for work well done and communication of those accomplishments to stakeholders.
  • Collaborate with technology staff to resolve problems relating to utilization of software applications used to meet local data management and TEA reporting requirements.
Tools/Equipment Used
Standard office equipment including personal computer and peripherals
Prolonged sitting; occasional bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting
Repetitive hand motions, frequent keyboarding and use of mouse; occasional reaching
Occasional light lifting and carrying (less than 15 pounds)
Frequent district-wide travel; occasional statewide travel
Mental Demands
Work with frequent interruptions; maintain emotional control under stress