Job Category
Exemption Status/Test
Non Exempt
Reports To
GISD Employee Clinic
Date Revised
GISD Employee Clinic
Primary Purpose
Provide basic care for patients under the direction of the clinic manager.
Education Certification

Completion of an Accredited Medical Assistant Program

Must maintain current Basic Life Support Certification

Must maintain current certification status

Special Knowledge/Skills

Possess a thorough understanding of the technical content of the position as well as the ability to apply these skills to health-related issues.

Possess the ability to develop a course of action to achieve work objectives while anticipating contingencies and develop alternate plans to meet completion deadlines.

Possess the ability to perform basic patient care duties in a competent manner within the scope of clinically approved skills according to the needs of the population served.

Possess an understanding of safety principles and infection control in the patient care environment.

Possess the ability to take and record accurate vital signs, monitor intake and maintain related records.

Possess excellent oral and written communication skills.

Possess the logical process to gather and analyze information in order to take action or commit to a specific assignment.

Possess strong assessment skills along with a logical process to gather and analyze data in order to make decisions, take action or commit to specific assignments.

Possess the ability to handle stress (time restraints and emotional stressors).

Possess strong administrative assistant skills; understanding computer functions and working knowledge of basic office equipment.

Possess strong assessment skills along with a logical process to gather and analyze data in order to make decisions, take action or commit to specific assignments.

Possess effective communication, public relations and interpersonal skills (service-oriented personality).


A minimum of six (6) months experience in the health care industry with knowledge of basic medical terms and procedures preferred.

Major Responsibilities and Duties
  • Provide diagnostics and therapeutic medical care and services to patients, assist in the observation and evaluation of patients, take case histories, conduct physical examinations and order laboratory studies.
  • Candidate must demonstrate the following knowledge skills and assessment abilities to successfully perform their job as an assistant to providers:
  • Select and provide appropriate treatment for medical emergencies (life or death or severe injury) as indicated until emergency assistance arrives
  • The ability to assess a patient’s condition and to initiate the appropriate treatment
  • Knowledge of pharmaceuticals to treat disease and illness, to include knowledge of the mechanism of action, side effects, toxic nature and drug interaction of medications
  • The ability to interpret diagnostic test in order to determine therapeutic treatment plans
  • The ability to deal with patients on a one-on-one basis
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  •  None.
Tools/Equipment Used
Electronic thermometer, blood pressure cuff, otoscope, sphygmomanometer, vision screening equipment, basic clinic equipment, copier and personal computer
Prolonged standing, walking, stooping, bending and lifting
Exposure to bacteria and communicable disease
Mental Demands
Communicate effectively (verbal and written); interpret policies and procedures; make multiple decisions regarding health clinic, maintain performance level and emotional control under pressure situations; demonstrate mental quickness, ability to think on feet and use of common sense