Job Category
Exemption Status/Test
Non Exempt
Reports To
Grounds Supervisor/Grounds Foreman
Date Revised
Primary Purpose
The ability to assist crew leader and other members on crew to get schools/other support locations up to GISD acceptable conditions.
Education Certification

High School Diploma or GED preferred

Valid Texas driver’s license with good driving record/CDL preferred


In lawn care and landscape maintenance and installation


Major Responsibilities and Duties
  • Ability to work with a 3-4 man crew on daily basis to get assigned jobs complete.
  • Ability to pull gooseneck trailer/large trailers in a safe manner.
  • See that schools and support locations are mowed on time, once a week, and are in a presentable manner with quality care.
  • Ability to occasionally work with principals/contractors.
  • Ability to follow instructions/directions.
  • Ability to operate all types of grounds equipment (ex: hand-held equipment, zero-turn mowers, skid loaders, backhoes).
  • Ability to properly install landscape materials and supplies.
  • Ability to complete all work orders/job assignments in a timely manner and additional assignments.
  • Ability to work in various types of weather.
  • Ability to do work assigned/flexible on job duties.
  • Responsible for truck and all equipment assigned.
  • Keep truck/equipment clean of debris daily.
  • Equipment upkeep daily (ex:  grease unit, check fluid levels)
  • Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of entire rig (ex:  truck, trailer, tractor, mowing deck).
  • Visually inspect tractor for oil and water leaks, proper tire inflation, and overall condition and report any deficiencies to management.
  • Ability to load and unload tractor safely.
  • Ability to handle stress/heat.
  • Ability to show leadership.
  • Ability to pick up trash and debris (ex:  paper, rocks, wood).
  • Ability to get all supplies together for daily tasks/assignments.
  • Ability to assist mow crews with mowing and other assigned tasks.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  •   None.
Tools/Equipment Used
Must be skilled with a variety of lawn tools.
Ability to climb on and off equipment
Frequently lift 10 to 80 pounds
Ability to perform in various weather conditions
Mental Demands
Maintain emotional control under stress