Job Category
Exemption Status/Test
Reports To
Director of Athletics
Date Revised
Assigned High School/Feeder School
Primary Purpose
Supervise multiple sports, coaches and facilities at the middle school and high school levels.
Education Certification

Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university

Valid Texas Teaching Certificate

Special Knowledge/Skills

Knowledge of overall operations of a women’s athletic program

Knowledge of state and UIL policies governing athletics

Ability to interpret policy, procedures and data

Ability to manage budget and personnel and coordinate district functions

Strong communication, public relations and interpersonal skills


Head coach experience, preferred

Campus coordinator experience, preferred

Major Responsibilities and Duties
  1. Become involved and assist all coaches on the assigned campus and assigned feeder schools in their respective sports, and evaluate coaches and programs.
  2. Inform the principal and athletic director of any behavior not becoming to or following GISD and           school guidelines.
  3. Report any maintenance issues to the building engineer and/or athletic department.
  4. Have a working knowledge of UIL rules and guidelines and implement them in all sports assigned.
  5. Evaluate coaches and make recommendations for contract renewal.
  6. Attend multiple sporting events for support and supervision.
  7. Monitor campus booster clubs and accounting procedures for all sports responsible.
  8. Mediate and perform administrative procedures for concerns or issues in all assigned sports dealing with coaches, parents or athletes.
  9. Establish a solid working relationship with the male coordinator and establish an overall cooperative athletic standard for their assigned campus.
  10. Be actively involved with the central athletic office and assist and perform duties as assigned.
  11. Have an understanding of and support the GISD Athletic Code of Conduct.
  12. Attend monthly coordinators’ meetings as scheduled by the athletic department.
  13. Set a standard of coaching, instructional and performance excellence for the entire women’s athletic staff.
  14. Promote what is good for women’s athletics, GISD athletics and GISD.

District/Organizational Climate

District/Organizational Improvement

  1. Direct all coaches in the development of their programs.
  2. Set measurable annual goals for athletic, academic, and public relations and facility improvement.
  3. Represent the district’s athletic program in a positive way to the public, other school districts, the UIL and other related organizations.
  4. Assist with planning and conducting needs assessments related to athletic operations.
  5. Belong to and promote and attend clinics of a professional organization that represents athletics. (THSCA/TGCA)


Personnel Management

  1. Responsible for recruiting, interviewing and coordinating the addition of new women’s sports coaches to the district.
  2. Meet regularly with staff in individual and group sessions.
  3. Develop individual and staff professional development plans.
  4. Counsel coaches on UIL rules and eligibility.
  5. Supervise coaches, ensuring that they are teaching the same technical fundamentals and are operating within district policies.
  6. Provide for a least one complete, annual evaluation of every staff member.


Administration and Fiscal/Facility Management

  1. Supervise the preparation for the individual sport budgets for submittal to the director of athletics.
  2. Approve procedures and personnel for ticket sales, security, officiating, cash management and internal accounting for athletic events at assigned school or other assigned events.


Student Management/Relations

28.  Develop an environment that stimulates academic and athletic excellence.

29.  Develop a safe, friendly and inviting atmosphere.

30.  Develop policies and procedures that teach student safety, respect, discipline, responsibility and leadership.

31.  Emphasize a “student-first” environment.           

District Organizational – Community Relations

32.  Articulate to the public the ways in which the department of athletics supports the mission and goals of GISD.

33.  Participate in community activities and organizations that foster rapport and mutual respect between GISD and the community.

34.  Assume a position of leadership in local, state, and possibly national organizations.

Professional Growth and Development

23.  Seek, accept and respond to evaluative feedback from subordinates, peers and supervisors in order to improve performance and service.

24.  Take initiative to develop needed professional skills.

25.  Remain current with professional continuing education requirements.

26.  Attend local, state and national clinics and conventions as appropriate.

27.  Conduct oneself in a professional and ethical manner and abide by all professional codes of ethics.

Other Duties

  1. Perform other tasks and assume such responsibilities as may be assigned.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

Supervise coaches at the high school and middle school level.

Tools/Equipment Used
Computer; various athletic equipment
Frequent standing, stooping, bending, pulling and pushing
May work prolonged or irregular hours
Mental Demands
Maintain emotional control under stress