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    9/12/23 Updated COVID-19 Return Criteria

    Students- If you are positive for COVID-19, you should let your campus know of your absences. Please follow all absence reporting procedures.

    Staff- If you are positive for COVID-19 please contact your supervisor and following your normal absence reporting system.

    See below for return criteria.

    If you had symptoms:

    • Stay home for at least 5 days and stay away from others in your home. You're most likely to be infectious during the first 5 days.
    • Day 0 of isolation is the day when symptoms start to show, regardless of when you tested positive.
    • Day 1 is the first full day after your symptoms start.
    • You can return to school/work on day 6.

    If you had no symptoms:

    • Isolate for 5 days.
    • Day 0 is the day you were tested (not the day you got a positive test result).
    • Day 1 is the first full day following the day you were tested.
    • If you develop symptoms within 10 days of when you were tested, the clock restarts at day 0 on the day you start showing symptoms.
    • You can return to school/work on day 6.

    COVID-19 Guidelines

    For full details about 2023-24 school year procedures and safety requirements that have been created for the well-being of students, staff and visitors, see:

    ESSER funding plans

    Visit the ESSER funding programs page to see our plans for using the ESSER grants to address the significant impact on student learning caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Review ESSER-related funding plans