School Resource Officers (SROs) are local police officers who work in the schools. They help students learn about the legal system, personal safety, show positive alternatives to drugs and violence and work to keep the schools a safe place for everyone.

 High School SROs

School Officer Contact
Garland Troy Johnson 972-494-8492
Garland David Scicluna 972-494-9482
Garland (Floater) Jacob Puckett 972-675-3091
Garland (Floater) David Wade 972-494-8371
GAEC Lewis Oliver 972-926-2691
GRCTC Jeff Gooch 972-487-4588
Lakeview Cody Stovall 972-240-3740
Lakeview Kimberly Korenek 972-240-3740
Memorial Pathway Academy Sam Perrone 972-494-8520
Naaman Forest Isaiha Williams 972-675-3091
Naaman Forest Julia Hutson 972-675-3091
North Garland Chris Mittendorf 972-675-3120
North Garland Steve Schnoebelen 972-675-3120
Rowlett Jimmy Garcia 972-463-1712
Rowlett Jeff Freeman 972-463-1712
Sachse Crystal Morris 972-414-7450
Sachse Lester Price 972-414-7450
South Garland Jorge Morales 972-926-2700
South Garland Charles Allen 972-926-2700 

Middle School SROs

School Officer Contact
Austin Kris Hostrup





Brandenburg Jesse Kohls 972-926-2630
Coyle Dana Reeves 972-475-3711
Houston Michael Smiglelski 972-926-2640
Hudson Scott Hare 972-675-3070
Jackson Ryan Jakeway 972-494-8362
Lyles Zachary Krajca 972-240-3720
O'Banion Alejandro Ulibarri 972-279-6103
Schrade David Norberg 972-463-8790
Schrade (Rowlett Floater) Jared Wescoat 972-463-8790
Sellers Jess Santiago 972-494-8337
Webb Crystal Love 972-675-3080

 Elementary School SROs

School Officer Contact
Abbett Charlton Carter  972-675-3000
Armstrong Jessica Chavez 972-414-7480
Back Andre Spivey 972-475-1884
Beaver Joel Price 972-494-8301
Bradfield Joel Price 972-494-8303
Bullock Joel Price 972-494-8303
Caldwell Rene Granado 972-926-2500
Carver Aaron Radney 972-487-4415
Centerville Jesse Kohls 972-926-2510
Club Hill Sam Perrone 972-926-2520
Cooper Doug Adams


Couch Aaron Radney 972-240-1801
Daugherty Rene Granado 972-926-2530
Davis Doug Adams 972-494-8205
Dorsey Andre Spivey 972-463-5595
Ethridge Doug Adams 972-675-3020
Freeman Doug Adams 972-494-8371
Golden Meadows Joel Price 972-494-8373
Handley Sam Perrone 972-926-2540
Heather Glen Jesse Kohls 972-270-2881
Herfurth Dianne Bell 972-475-7994
Hickman Charlton Carter 972-675-3150
Hillside Bobby Taylor 972-926-2550
Keeley Dianne Bell 972-412-2140
Kimberlin Bobby Taylor 972-926-2560
Liberty Grove Dianne Bell 972-487-4416
Lister Charlton Carter 972-675-3030
Luna Charlton Carter 972-675-3040
Montclair Jesse Kohls 972-279-4041
Northlake Bobby Taylor 972-494-8359
Park Crest Rene Granado 972-926-2571
Pearson Dianne Bell 972-463-7568
Roach Jesse Kohls 972-926-2580
Rowlett Andre Spivey 972-475-3380
Sewell Jessica Chavez 972-675-3050
Shorehaven Bobby Taylor 972-494-8346
Shugart Aaron Radney 972-240-3700
Southgate Jesse Kohls 972-926-2590
Spring Creek Charlton Carter 972-675-3060
Steadham Dianne Bell 972-463-5887
Stephens Andre Spivey 972-463-5790
Toler Aaron Radney 972-226-3922
Vial Aaron Radney 972-240-3710
Walnut Glen Joel Price 972-494-8330
Watson Bobby Taylor 972-926-2600
Weaver Doug Adams 972-494-8311
Williams Rene Granado 972-926-2610

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