The Global Business, Language & Leadership magnet program provides students with course options that will expand their understanding of business, marketing and/or finance within a global context and help them to be more competitive when applying to colleges. The following are innovative aspects of this exciting magnet program:

  • Business, marketing and finance elective classes focused on global business.
  • College credit options via AP and/or dual credit courses.
  • Language course options, including Mandarin Chinese.
  • Leadership development through community service, global business organizations and business competitions.
  • Problem-based learning activities that connect the class learning to real-world applications.
  • National and international study abroad summer learning experiences.


  • open to students entering grades 9-10
  • 50th percentile on reading and math achievement tests
  • pass STAAR/EOC
  • passing grades in core subjects
  • no serious discipline issues

Final acceptance will be determined using the above criteria and by the number of available seats. Should more qualified students apply than space allows, a lottery process will be used to select students to fill the openings with all remaining names placed in a waiting pool for the possibility of future openings.

How to apply

For application details and other application dates visit