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Young girl using tweezers for science activity.


For students in K-5 grade, including the PK-5 Montessori program.
Five middle school girl dancers posing in dance formation.

Middle school

For students in grades 6-8.
High school boy wearing protective face gear using paint sprayer on the hood of a car.

High school

For students in grades 9-12.
Montessori boy working on drawing on the floor.

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Applying for a magnet program is an optional and additional step in the Choice of School process with specific application periods each year.  You must be enrolled in our district to participate in the magnet application period.



Students who live within the designated transportation zone will be eligible for bus transportation.

In the case of multiple campuses offering the same magnet programming, parents are advised to contact the Magnet Office to confirm the appropriate campus based on home address.

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