Learning doesn't have to stop with the school day. Various studies show that learning outside of the classroom supports healthy development and benefits academic skills. We've gathered resources to help students continue their educational exploration.

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    Over breaks

    Students that stop learning over long breaks are proven to lose progress from school. According to the American Education Research Journal, students that don't practice can lose anywhere between 17-34% of their learning from the school year*.

    Help avoid the learning slides over breaks by engaging in activities to help your student keep learning. #TogetherWeGISD #GISDReads

    *Note: This study analyzed learning loss over summer breaks.

    On the web

    The internet provides many applications and tools for engaging in learning outside of school. We've curated several applications on our online instructional resources page as well as applications students use throughout the year in Ready Hub.

    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy offers online instruction, practice material, and test prep on a variety of topics.

    Discovery Education

    Discovery Education offers learning activities for grades K-5. Simply log in to Ready Hub, select Discovery Education, and search "summer learning".


    Find thousands of books at all reading levels that can be read online for free.

    Learning Heroes

    Learning Heroes helps parents support learning at home with videos, resources and more.

    In our community

    Many places in our community offer materials for learning outside of school. Find upcoming events, reading initiatives, and more:

    Families can also find various community events on the Community Bulletin Board.

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