Garland ISD works in cooperation with news and other media outlets. To ensure we are focused on our mission of providing an exceptional education to all students, along with our focus on safety and security, district protocols are in place to guide media inquiries.

Communications & Public Relations

All requests and inquiries other than those for athletic events are to be directed to Garland ISD Communications & Public Relations.

Media requests and inquiries

Staff who are contacted by media are to refer media requests to Communications & Public Relations before granting access to media. Communications staff will then assist media with organizing dates, times and location and provide other information, depending on the request or inquiry.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Communications and Public Relations if you have any questions or need assistance.

Media on district property

  • Prior approval from Communications must be obtained before any media, including reporters, photographers or videographers, are allowed on district property.
  • All visitors, including media, are required to check in at district facilities and present state-issued photo identification. All visitors are required to wear visitor badges at all times while on district property.
  • Generally speaking, we ask that media who wish to conduct random “man on the street” interviews or who wish to get video of a district facility do so away from district property.

Student and staff privacy

  • Student and staff photographs, video and interviews may only be conducted with the permission and at the discretion of Garland ISD Communications staff.
  • All students who are to be photographed, filmed or interviewed must have media releases on file.
  • The Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is observed at all times in terms of what information can or cannot be shared about students.

Athletic events

Those who wish to cover athletic events need to complete the Media Credentials for Athletics Events online form.