When the community entrusted us with $455.5 million dollars, we promised to enhance and support the learning environment for our students. Fulfilling those promises has resulted in engaging new learning opportunities for students and enhanced safety and security at our facilities.

New facility

Career and Technical Education Center

Students at all high schools have access to expanded career and technical courses through the Gilbreath-Reed Career & Technical Center (GRCTC).  

New facility


The GISD Natatorium is a state-of-the art facility which serves as an instructional, training and competition venue.

Student health, safety & security

Equipment upgrades to protect our students and support their well-being:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system upgrades, including bi-polar ionization equipment to improve indoor air disinfection
  • Secured entrances
  • Enhanced front entrance cameras and intercoms, along with cameras on the exterior of all buildings to provide improved security monitoring
  • 27 campuses also received updates to fire alarm equipment
Secured entrance at Brandenburg

All schools now have secure entrance areas which direct visitors to the front office.

Man using intercom at campus entrance

Visitors can use intercom system to request access to the building.


Facility renovations and compliance upgrades included:

  • Door hardware changes to secure classrooms and meet ADA compliance
  • ADA-compliant restrooms 
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler replacements
  • Window replacements (single to double-pane) for increased energy efficiency
  • Lights, restrooms and concessions at baseball/softball fields
  • Fine arts expansion
Improved band hall design allows students to spread out during classroom practice.

New and renovated band, choir and orchestra rooms attract more students and help them better prepare for competitions. These exceptional spaces feature expanded instructional space, higher sound quality and separate practice and ensemble rooms for more flexible instruction.

Close up of ADA-compliant door handle with lock.

All classroom door hardware meets ADA requirements. Additionally,  the doors can be secured to prevent unauthorized access, enhancing campus lockdown protocols.


1:1 devices were purchased for secondary students and improvements were made to the district's technology infrastructure including replacement of:

  • approximately 1,150 pieces of Cisco network equipment
  • classroom projectors with modern display screens 
  • aging classroom computers and other devices
Elementary students standing for interactive lesson displayed on large classroom screen.

Large, modern classroom display screens help make lessons more engaging.

High school boy using iPad as reference for class assignment.

The bond package included the purchase of 1:1 devices for all middle and high school students.