Are you ready for college?

The state of Texas requires that students take the TSI-A, SAT or ACT test to determine if they are ready for college before they can take any college classes.

Studies show that test scores improve significantly with practice. There are many tools to help students prepare for these tests, such as online practice tools and prep programs within our district.

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    Online test prep

    Use Shmoop, Khan Academy and these practice tests to help improve your scores.

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    Practice for the ACT, ASVAB, AP, PSAT, SAT and TSI-A
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    Khan Academy

    Personalized study plans based on PSAT & SAT scores

    Ready to test?

    Visit the ACT and SAT registration webpages to find details and deadlines. Talk to your school counselor about registering for the TSI-A test.

    Campus test prep opportunities

    TSI-A Success program

    Each high school campus has two TSI-A Success coaches. These coaches advise students on scores needed for college readiness, help enroll students in virtual TSI-A test prep and host intervention when needed. Coaches will arrange face-to-face or remote testing when students are ready to take the official TSI-A. 

    PSAT/SAT Boot Camp

    Students are invited to attend a free college entrance exam prep program for the PSAT and SAT. We offer PSAT/SAT boot camps in the fall and SAT boot camps in the spring to help students succeed on the exam. 

    Students may participate in virtual, student-driven test prep through Shmoop for the 2021-22 school year. Face-to-Face boot camps are not offered but may resume next school year.

    Invitation-only test prep programs

    Students that score well on the PSAT may be invited to participate in one of the district's Scholar programs.

    Rising Scholars and Superintendent's Scholars

    The 100 top scoring 9th and 10th-graders on the PSAT earn special titles for their achievements. 9th-graders are designated Rising Scholars and 10th-graders as Superintendent's Scholars.

    Students with high scores are invited to a free summer PSAT prep program called the Scholars Academy. Students will learn test-taking tips and strategies, which helps students increase their chances of qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship program.

    The 100 top-scoring 10th-graders will be recognized at the Superintendent's Scholars Ceremony.

    Superintendent's Honor Scholar

    The 50 top scoring 10th-graders are designated as Superintendent's Honor Scholars. These students are invited to participate in a partnership program between the district and KD College Prep. This program includes at least 58 hours of rigorous instructional workshops at any of the KD College Prep locations with the goal of maximizing their potential to achieve National Merit Semifinalist or Finalist recognition.

    What scores are needed to be considered College Ready?

    To be considered College Ready, students should earn the following scores on one of the college readiness assessments:

    Subject Assessment

    > 945 and a 5+ on the Writeplacer (essay)

    > 480 on Evidenced Based Reading & Writing

    > 19 on English AND > 23 Composite Score

    Math > 950  > 530 19+ on Mathematics AND 23+ Composite Score

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