After carefully evaluating recent enrollment and funding trends, the difficult decision has been made to implement a campus consolidation plan for the 2024-25 school year. Consolidating schools is a significant change and not something the district takes lightly. This step, taken after thoughtful consideration, aims to provide the best educational experience for every student. We value your trust and are here to guide our community through this transition.

For the 2024-25 school year, the following school consolidation moves will take place:

  • Freeman students to Golden Meadows
  • Williams students to Park Crest 
  • Centerville students to Handley STEM
  • Hillside students to temporary Centerville location*

*Note: Once the new school is completed at the Hillside location, Hillside and Kimberlin students will both move to the new building. The new replacement campus, part of the Bond 2023 program, is expected to open for the 2026-27 school year.

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    Key factors in the decision to consolidate schools

    We understand that the topic of consolidating elementary schools is a deeply emotional and impactful one for our community. As we navigate this journey together, we want to share the reasons behind our decision, always keeping the well-being and future of our students at the forefront.

    • Fiscal responsibility and building maintenance: Maintaining older buildings often come with increasing costs. By consolidating, we can ensure that our funds are used more efficiently, focusing on providing the best educational resources rather than on frequent and costly building repairs.
    • Physical limitations of current locations: Some of our existing campuses face challenges related to their physical location and space. Issues like insufficient room for expansion and traffic concerns make it difficult to upgrade these facilities to match our evolving needs.
    • Declining enrollment: Over the years, we've observed a decline in enrollment in certain areas. Consolidating allows us to realign our district, ensuring that resources are allocated where needed most.

    District enrollment has declined every year for the last eight years. Demographic studies have helped identify low-growth areas, and an audit from an independent consulting firm has provided recommendations for the district's long-term financial stability. Additionally, the citizen steering committee carefully reviewed enrollment trends and building maintenance costs during the bond planning process. They compared campus capacity and under-utilized school buildings.

    Ultimately, the consolidation of schools enables us to use our resources more strategically and continue investing in the student experience. We deeply value your trust in us to make decisions that benefit our students. We are committed to supporting our community through this transition.

    Campus culture

    An essential part of this change is honoring the past while celebrating new opportunities and forming new combined campus cultures. Each campus has a unique and special history with achievements to be respected. GISD will collect campus artifacts for closing schools, such as trophies and plaques, which will be moved to the new location. Ultimately, the consolidated schools will adopt the school's name that honors a district family.


    Parents choose the school they want their children to attend during the Choice of School process, but transportation to your chosen school is not guaranteed. The factors determining bus transportation are designated eligibility area(s) for each school, proximity to a neighborhood school, and/or magnet program acceptance. With the planned school consolidation, the assigned campus location will change for some students. This change could also mean a change in eligibility for transportation. The transportation maps for the 2024-25 school year will be available soon. We recommend that parents carefully review the transportation map data once it becomes available.


    District leadership has made it clear that no staff will lose their job due to consolidation. Teaching positions will be assigned based on student enrollment and campus needs. If teachers are not assigned a role at the consolidated campus, a position will be open for them at another campus. Student-to-teacher ratios will remain consistent with GISD policy. 

    Campus-specific consolidation plans

    Freeman and Golden Meadows

    Freeman students move to the Golden Meadows location in 2024-25

    Williams and Park Crest

    Williams students move to Park Crest location in 2024-25

    Centerville and Handley STEM

    Centerville students move to Handley STEM location in 2024-25

    Hillside and Kimberlin

    Hillside students move to Centerville location in 2024-25, join Kimberlin 2026-27

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