The district is implementing a campus consolidation plan for the 2024-25 school year. Starting in the fall, students of Hillside Academy on Dairy Road will move to the current Centerville Elementary campus located at 600 Keen Drive. This is a temporary relocation while a new facility is being built.

Timeline for relocation and consolidation

School year Hillside students Kimberlin students
2024-25 Relocate to Centerville facility at 600 Keen Drive Remain at the current Kimberlin location at 1520 Cumberland Drive
2025-26 Remain at the 600 Keen Drive location Remain at the Kimberlin location on Cumberland Drive
2026-27 With the anticipated opening of the replacement building, Hillside and Kimberlin students will move into the new campus on the old Hillside property at 2014 Dairy Road

School name transition plans

When the Hillside students relocate to the Centerville campus, plans are to call the school Hillside Academy for Excellence. Portables will be installed, if needed, to accommodate all Hillside students while they are at this temporary location*.

A new replacement elementary building will be constructed at the current Hillside location on Dairy Road. This new construction was approved by voters during the 2023 bond election. When the building is complete all Hillside and Kimberlin students will move to the new state-of-the-art facility. We anticipate the school will open for the 2026-27 school year. Kimberlin students will remain at their current location on Cumberland Drive until the new building is ready.

It's proposed that the new building will open as Kimberlin Academy for Excellence, keeping the name that honors the legacy of Garland resident Harriet Kimberlin. It's intended that the Hillside name, based on the old campus neighborhood, will be retired.

*Current Centerville students will begin attending Handley STEM. See the Centerville and Handley STEM Consolidation page for details.

Culture and traditions

An essential part of this change is honoring the past while celebrating new opportunities and forming new combined campus cultures. Each campus has a unique and special history with achievements to be respected. District staff will collect Hillside Academy artifacts such as trophies and plaques and move them to Centerville. Once the new building is complete, all artifacts from both campuses will be relocated to the new Kimberlin campus. 

Plans for the old building

The old Kimberlin facility on Cumberland Drive and the Centerville facility on Keen Road will be left empty. Plans for the future of these buildings have not yet been determined.

See the map below for the location of Hillside in comparison to Centerville. The distance between the two schools is 1.3 miles.

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The front façade of Hillside ES.

The old Hillside building on Dairy Road will be replaced with a new state-of-the-art campus, slated to open in 2026-27.

The front façade of Centerville ES.

The former Centerville campus on Keen Drive will be the temporary home of Hillside students for the 2024-25 and 2025-26 school years.

The front façade of Kimberlin Academy.

The Kimberlin campus on Cumberland Drive will remain as the school location for Kimberlin students until the new facility opens on Dairy Road in 2026-27.

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