Six of our schools have adopted Innovative Choice school models. Campus administrators, district leaders and the school communities collaborated in developing themes for the schools that would be attractive to neighborhood students. Visit the school websites to learn more about the specific opportunities at these Innovative Schools of Choice.

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    Students are not required to apply or meet specific criteria or test score requirements.

    Students can select one of the schools during the annual Choice of School process.

    Students who live outside the school's designated transportation zone will need to make their own transportation arrangements.

    Transfer requests

    Student transfers and placement will be based on the availability of seats and demand for the program.  Students who are not offered a seat will be placed on a waiting list for placement.


    Students who are enrolled in an Innovative School of Choice but live outside of the school’s designated transportation zone are not eligible for district transportation services.

    Comparing Innovative Schools of Choice to Magnet Programs

     Innovative School of ChoiceMagnet Program
    Application requiredNoYes
    Transportation providedOnly for students enrolled in the campus who also live in the school’s designated transportation zoneYes, for students accepted into a magnet program

    School Action Fund Grant

    These school changes are made possible through the School Action Fund (SAF) Grant. The purpose of the SAF grant is to support districts in the planning of school actions to transform selected schools and expand access to world-class learning environments for students. 

    This grant funding may be used to plan and support the new design efforts, provide staff training and purchase additional materials and programs.

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