The Office of Innovation directly oversees and/or assists with the administration, coordination and implementation of a variety of school district programs and initiatives.

The spectrum of programs provides instructional services and support for prekindergarten to the twelfth grade districtwide. In order to effectively lead, support, and coordinate the variety of programs, the Office of Innovation staff work with district staff, administrators, directors, principals, teachers, parents and students as appropriate.

The staff of the Office of Innovation pledges to be positive and professional in working with district staff and the community. The Office of Innovation fully supports and participates in the district’s collaborative decision-making process, and is committed to the pursuit of educational excellence and the accomplishment of GISD school mission and district goals.

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P.O. Box 461407
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Employee Position
Michael Bland Executive Director of Innovation
Christi Allen Assistant Director of Innovation
Dr. Doretha Allen School Design Administrator
Debra Coleman Secretary