Financial aid

Most students depend on financial aid to help them pay for college. Financial aid is money offered to students through government agencies, individual schools, or other sources. The amount and type of financial aid provided is usually determined by financial need. But, some scholarships and awards are given based on academic achievement, talent or by meeting certain criteria.

Types of financial aid

Scholarships icon
Free money based on specific requirements or need
Grants icon
Free money for educational expenses based on financial need
Work study icon
Work study
Jobs to help pay for school
Loans icon
Borrowed money which must be paid back with interest


A scholarship is a gift of money to help pay for college expenses. You do not have to pay back this money. Scholarships are provided by colleges, organizations, companies, and private donors and typically awarded based on merit or talent.

College partnerships & scholarship programs

GISD partners with area college for programs that cover tuition and connects students with advisors, mentors, and faculty to aid with student success in school.

Dallas County Promise

Texas A&M at Commerce President's Promise Scholarship

Applying for financial aid

To apply for most financial aid you’ll need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Students that are are not eligible for FAFSA because of citizenship status may apply using the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA.)

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