Learn skills to go straight into a career

Career readiness means that a student has the skills they need to find, acquire, maintain, and grow within a job.

To support career readiness, we offer a variety of opportunities to help students explore career options. We also offer options for students to gain real work experience and earn credentials to help them go straight into the workforce after high school graduation.

Career-related magnet programs

Students who apply and are accepted to participate in one our magnet programs have additional opportunities for focused study in a particular field.

While all of our high school magnet programs help students gain experience that could help with career planning, these two programs are especially career-oriented, allowing students to work with industry professionals and earn up to 60 free college hours with the potential to earn an associate’s degree.

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Ready to learn more?

School counselors are available to answer questions and to help students get a jump start preparing for life after graduation.

Additionally, each high school counseling office has set up a GO Center where students can find resources for choosing a college, mapping out your schedule, career planning, financial aid applications and more. 

Learn more about how our school counselors can help on our Academic and CCMR Advising page.

Chris Grisby

Garland ISD helped me navigate potential career path opportunities by offering a wide selection of classes that are tailored to sparking interests. Thanks to Mr. CdeBaca at Sachse High School, I enrolled in Mustang Report and learned the ins and outs of journalism's core components. I took his TV production course multiple semesters and not only found the right career path for me, but also entered college with a huge advantage over other classmates studying journalism and communication.

Chris Grisby
News Reporter at Spectrum News, SHS Class of 2013

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