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    Why Pre-K?

    Prekindergarten (Pre-K) programs offer many benefits. 90% of your child’s brain develops before they are five years old.  Our Pre-K program takes advantage of this important time to learn. We provide foundational education that helps prepare your child for kindergarten. Research has shown that kids who attend Pre-K are less likely to be held back a grade and more likely to graduate from high school.

    About the program

    Our Pre-K classes are taught by certified teachers who are trained in early childhood education and development. They have the knowledge and skills needed to teach your child at this very important age.

    Your child will learn:

    • to recognize colors, shapes, letters, and numbers

    • important social skills like how to pay attention in class and interact with other children

    • listening and speaking skills

    • early reading skills like how to hold a book, turn the pages, and look at pictures

    • basic math skills such as counting and measuring

    Your child will also develop skills in science, social studies, fine arts and physical development for a balanced education. The curriculum taught is research-based and follows a state-mandated curriculum.

    Which schools offer Pre-K classes?

    We have two dedicated prekindergarten centers and 27 elementary schools that offer Pre-K classes in a full-day format. Some schools offer regular general education with ESL, some offer bilingual education, and some schools offer both.

    We also have a Montessori magnet program at Luna and Herfurth elementary that includes classes for PreK-aged children. Specific timelines must be met to apply for magnet programs.

    Does my child qualify for priority placement?

    Though we welcome all students to our Pre-K program, seats are limited. Students who meet priority placement eligibility get placed in seats first. Empty seats after priority placement will be distributed to non-priority placement students as available.

    Students who meet certain eligibility requirements will receive priority placement into available Pre-K seats. Find if you child qualifies and learn more on the Prekindergarten eligibility page

    Engaging our families

    We value the voices of our families in helping us create the best learning experience for their child. We encourage parent involvement and partnership by:

    • Creating opportunities for families to connect and participate in our schools
    • Sharing community resources with families that can benefit them, like Early Childhood Texas
    • Inviting parents to serve and offer feedback on decisions
    • Offering tools for learning outside of the classroom
    • Training staff in supporting families and using evidence-based practices
    • Regularly offering opportunities for feedback from families to make sure we are improving

    Our goal is to make sure families can work together with us to create child-centered, age-appropriate, and engaging academic and social-emotional learning opportunities.

    Pre-K locations for the 2024-25 school year

    We will be offering full day Pre-K at the following schools.

    LocationsGeneral Ed./ESLBilingual SpanishBilingual Vietnamese
    Club HillYesNoNo
    Freeman at Golden MeadowsYesYesNo
    Heather GlenYesYesNo
    Herfurth (magnet)YesYesNo
    Liberty GroveYesYesNo
    Luna (magnet)YesNoNo
    Spring CreekYesNoNo

    Pre-K locations for the 2023-24 school year

    We will be offering full day Pre-K at the following schools.

    Locations General Ed./ESL Bilingual Spanish Bilingual Vietnamese
    Cisneros Yes Yes No
    Parsons Yes Yes Yes
    Abbett Yes No No
    Back Yes No No
    Bradfield No Yes No
    Bullock Yes Yes No
    Caldwell Yes Yes No
    Carver Yes Yes No
    Club Hill Yes No No
    Cooper Yes No No
    Couch Yes No No
    Davis Yes Yes No
    Dorsey Yes No No
    Freeman No Yes No
    Golden Meadows Yes Yes No
    Heather Glen Yes Yes No
    Herfurth (magnet) Yes Yes No
    Hickman Yes No Yes
    Keeley Yes No No
    Liberty Grove Yes Yes No
    Lister Yes No No
    Luna (magnet) Yes No No
    Montclair Yes Yes No
    Northlake Yes Yes No
    Park Crest Yes Yes No
    Pearson Yes No No
    Roach No Yes No
    Rowlett Yes No No
    Sewell Yes No No
    Shorehaven Yes Yes No
    Shugart Yes No No
    Southgate No Yes No
    Spring Creek Yes No No
    Steadham Yes No No
    Stephens Yes Yes No
    Toler Yes Yes No
    Weaver Yes Yes No

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