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Garland ISD is the only option for true choice when it comes to schools. Our "Choice of School" program allows parents to select the campus they want their children to attend for the next school year. You can truly customize your student's educational experience.

For students enrolling in GISD for the first time, making your school choice selection is part of the enrollment process. While we welcome new students at any time, we encourage enrolling for the upcoming school year during the appropriate choice period listed below.

The choice periods also apply to current students who wish to make a change or who are transitioning to a new school level.

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    Choice of school periods

    For students entering grades 1-12 in the fall, the choice period is during January and February. 

    For students entering prekindergarten or kindergarten in the fall, the choice period is from March through May. 

    Choice period dates for the upcoming 2024-25 school year are:

    • Grades 1-12: Jan. 8-Feb. 16
    • Prekindergarten and Kindergarten: April 1-May 16

    Choice of School period participation

    Only students who wish to change their campus, are new to GISD or are entering kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades must make selections. Current students have the right to remain at their campuses.

    What if I like my current campus?

    That's great! You do not need to submit a Choice of School form.

    Choice Process

    Parents are given the opportunity to choose up to six campuses.

    Current students

    For current GISD students, parents may complete their Choice of School form through the assigned choice system in Skyward.

    New to GISD

    Students who are new to GISD will complete the Choice of School form as part of the enrollment process.

    How will my school assignment be determined?

    The lottery determines placement for each student by considering the following factors:

    • the schools/programs selected
    • the way the school preferences were ranked in the choice form/application
    • the number of seats available at each school/program for that grade
    • the student’s test scores for any magnet programs selected;
    • the student’s priority level for that school/program
      • The District has determined the following priority groups for magnet placement:
        • Siblings of students enrolled at or receiving an offer for the same magnet program (must meet qualification criteria for magnet program)
        • a student is the child of an employee who works at the same school as the desired magnet program (must meet qualification criteria for magnet program) 
          • Academy of Excellence does not have sibling or employee preference.
      • The District has determined the following priority groups for non-magnet placement:
        • Sibling
        • Distance to campus
    • How close the student lives to their choice (non-magnet)


    Parents choose the school they want their children to attend during the Choice of School process, but transportation to the school you choose is not guaranteed.

    The factors that determine bus transportation are:

    • designated eligibility area(s) for each school
    • proximity to neighborhood school
    • magnet program acceptance

    Transportation can only be provided to one of the following:

    • Home address of Parent or Guardian
    • Grandparents address
    • Licensed Childcare facility

    Transportation registration is mandatory and will open in March and close June 1st.

    Transportation maps are available:

    Jeff Bickerstaff

    [Garland ISD] gave our family the freedom to decide the best path for each of our three children. Every child has a unique set of abilities, and it is important to give them the best opportunities to succeed. GISD does just that.

    Jeff Bickerstaff
    GISD parent

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