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    College for All

    As a district, we are committed to ensuring that all Garland ISD students graduate with college credit in addition to their high school diplomas. Our College for All initiative provides opportunities for every student to earn a minimum of 12 hours of college credit or an industry certification in addition to their high school diploma.

    Choice of courses

    Students can choose between a variety of course types that will help them gain college credit or industry certifications meaningful to them and their career plans.

    Some courses are only available at specific locations. Depending on the program or pathway, courses may be available:

    • As a general course offering at all high schools

    • As part of a Career & Technical Education (CTE) pathway at any high school, only specific schools, or at the Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center (GRCTC)

    • Within selective magnet programs

    Types of courses

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    Students can get a head start on college and career

    Depending on the course type and program pathway, students have the opportunity to earn college hours, associate degrees, career certifications and/or industry certifications.

    Final acceptance and transfer of credit to four year universities depends on the specific coursework and institution requirements. Visit the North Texas Community College Consortium Pathways or the Texas Common Course Numbering System for more information.

    What can you earn?

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    High school to college course transferability

    Seeking to map out your college plan? See what courses give credit by researching course equivalency. We have compiled a list of resources from local higher education institutes below.

    Need more? The Texas Common Core website also provides course equivalency checking.

    Magnet programs

    Magnet programs offer a concentrated learning plan in a particular focus area. Students must apply and be accepted to magnet programs. The programs are only available at specific schools and may vary somewhat if offered at more than one location. 

    Three of the our magnet programs are considered early college programs. The Collegiate Academy, ECHS and P-TECH programs all offer students the opportunity to earn up to 60 semester credit hours (SCH) of dual credit. 

    Explore high school magnet programs

    Early college magnet programs

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    Contact us

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