What is Dual Credit?

Students taking dual credit courses earn college credit while in high school. The credits transfer to public colleges in Texas and many private and out of state colleges.

We have partnered with Dallas College to offer dual credit courses to all high school students. See the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  between GISD and Dallas College concerning Dual Credit.

Note: See specific interlocal agreements on the PTECH page and the ECHS page.

Why take Dual Credit courses?

Students can save money by completing many of their “core” college courses while still in high school. Students who take dual credit classes are also better prepared for the challenge of college.

Who teaches Dual Credit?

Dual credit courses are taught by qualified instructors with Dallas College credentials, a master’s degree with 18 graduate hours in the discipline they teach, or a master's in any subject area and 18 graduate hours in the discipline they teach.

How does the credit transfer to college?

Grades for dual credit classes are earned in the college course as outlined in the course syllabus. At the end of the semester or term, Dallas College enters the grade earned on the college transcript. Dallas College then sends the grade earned to Garland ISD to be placed on the student's high school transcript. After graduation, students can send their Dallas College transcript to other higher education institutions for a transcript review. The higher education institution will determine the credit awarded according to their policies.

How is Dual Credit different from AP?

Both Advanced Placement (AP) and dual credit classes develop the skills needed to be successful in college and both are great ways for students to earn college credit. Please review the difference between AP and Dual Credit.

The main difference between Dual Credit and AP is what qualifies you for college credit. Students must earn a grade of ‘C’ (70) or higher in their Dual Credit course to get college credit for the course. To earn college credit in AP, a student must take an AP exam and earn a qualifying score of 3 or higher (on a scale of 1 to 5). Learn more about AP.

Taking Dual Credit courses make you a college student

Students in dual credit classes must follow GISD policies as well as the policies for Dallas College students.

Dallas College policies you need to know before signing up for dual credit classes include:

  1. Dual credit classes follow Dallas College grading policies and the Dallas College academic calendar. If Dallas College is in session and Garland ISD is not in session, students are still responsible for attending dual credit classes and completing dual credit coursework as outlined in the course syllabus.
  2. Specific deadlines for dual credit courses are set by Dallas College and are outlined on the Dallas College Academic Calendar. Dallas College timelines and semester start and end dates are different than Garland ISD timelines and dates. Dallas College does NOT make exceptions to their posted deadlines. Students and parents are responsible for knowing the deadlines and abiding by them. The “(Certification Date)” listed in the Dallas College Academic Calendar is the last day to drop without a “W”. Students must complete and submit a Dallas College drop form to their counselor to be dropped. Dropping courses can impact program progression and enrollment.
  3. There is a limit of 6 withdrawals for college students and additional withdrawals result in a failing grade on the college transcript.
  4. Students may not withdraw from a dual credit course after the official drop date posted by the college. Withdrawal from a dual credit course after the drop date results in a grade of ‘F’ on the college transcript.
  5. Withdrawals and failing grades in dual credit classes may cause a student to lose their Federal Financial Aid eligibility when they move to a higher education institution upon graduating from high school. To remain eligible for Federal Financial Aid, students must maintain a college GPA of 2.0 and maintain a completion rate of 75% (this rate may vary by college institution).
  6. If a student must withdraw from a dual credit class, he/she must notify the Dallas College campus that provides the dual credit program at their GISD high school. Failure to notify the college may result in a grade of ‘F’ on their Dallas College transcript.
  7. Dual credit courses follow the grading policies of Dallas College. The assignments, assessments, and weights for each dual credit course can be found in the course syllabus. The majority of college courses do NOT allow late work or assessments to be retaken as outlined in the course syllabus. Dual credit students should review The Importance of Reading the Course Syllabus provided by Dallas College. Dual credit grades will NOT be in Skyward during the semester or term for parents to monitor progress. Dual credit students must monitor grade progress through the Dallas College eCeCampus system. At the end of the semester or term, Dallas College provides the list of grades earned to GISD to be entered in Skyward. Dual credit grade disputes must go through the Dallas College Grade Dispute Resolution process. Any grade change must first be made on the college transcript by Dallas College and then updated on the high school transcript when the student provides transcript proof of the grade change by Dallas College.
  8. Failing a dual credit class may cause the student to be ineligible for the dual credit program.
  9. Dallas College distributes important information to dual credit students via the contact information on file in the Dallas College eConnect system. Skyward does not communicate with the Dallas College eConnect system so dual credit students are responsible for maintaining accurate contact information in both eConnect and Skyward. Students must login to the Dallas College eConnect system and verify their email address, mailing address, and additional contact information is correct. This short tutorial from Dallas College walks students through the updating process.
  10. Accommodations for 504 and special education students are available for Dallas College courses. Dallas College’s Disability Support Services Department provides an online accommodation request process for students. The online accommodation request form needs to be submitted for each student who requires services. The form can be submitted by the student, parent, or high school personnel. Once the form has been submitted for a student it will not need to be resubmitted. The student’s accommodation documentation can be uploaded at the time of form submission so it will not need to be sent separately. If you have additional questions regarding accommodations for dual credit, then please follow up with the appropriate Dallas College campus disability support services office.

Process for Applying to the Dual Credit Program

Students interested in taking dual credit classes should request an appointment with their high school counselor.

  • Complete a Dallas College application.
  • Meet with your high school counselor to review your progress in meeting TSI requirements and to determine your next steps for dual credit enrollment.


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