The Web Services department follows best practices and industry trends to combine code, graphics, video and text into online experiences that comply with legal requirements, support district goals and meet user needs. We also provide support and training to administrative and campus staff who contribute content to our websites.

Our mission is to facilitate district communication and community engagement with the use of web technologies.

Department recognition


The CoolClix Challenge is a monthly competition to recognize campus webmasters and principals who are effectively using their school websites to connect with the community.

Responsibilities and related pages

We are responsible for designing, developing, maintaining and supporting the following websites:

Social Media

X (formerly Twitter): @GISDWebservices

Contact Us

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 461407
Garland, TX 75046
United States


Employee Position
Jasmine Preston Coordinator of Web Services
Ali Syed Web Systems Analyst
Kelse Pedigo Web Content Designer
Kelli Sigler Web Services Support Specialist
Paige Logue Assistant Web Specialist