The AGMA Foundation Scholarship Program is open to students who are interested in a career in the gear industry, and/or power transmission as it relates to the gear industry. Applicants must be currently enrolled, or recently accepted, as full or part-time students in a nationally accredited program. Annual scholarships are awarded to students at the technical/associate, undergraduate, and graduate school levels. Preference is given to applicants with current or recent experience working in the gear and/or power transmission industry. Scholarship funds are paid directly to the educational institution and may be used for tuition, room and board, textbooks, and materials. Scholarships are awarded in August of each year and paid in two installments –half in September of that year, and the second in March of the following year. Students who do not continue school in the spring semester forfeit the second payment.

Grade Level/Age
High School Senior
American Gear Manufacturers Association Foundation
Award information


Eligibility Requirements

1. Grade Point Average – must be 3.0 or higher for Undergraduate and Graduate students, and 2.0 or higher for Technical/associate degree students 2. Internship, co-op, work, community, volunteer, and other extracurricular activities 3. Work experience in the gear and/or power transmission industry 4. Two letters of recommendation 5. Honors, awards, and other recognitions of the student’s work and leadership skills 6. Personal statement regarding proposed program and study, career goals, and financial need 7. (for graduate level scholarships) Relevance of graduate-level research to the gear and/or power transmission industry