Each year, the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust offers scholarships to deserving candidates who aspire to a career in the technical aspects of broadcasting. Scholarship awards are used for tuition, room and board or textbook costs at post-secondary educational institutions, or for other technical training programs approved by the Scholarship Committee. Preference will be given to applicants who are SBE members; however, any individuals otherwise eligible, including graduating high school seniors, are encouraged to apply. Scholarships within the program include:

  • John H. Battison SBE Founder’s Scholarship (open to anyone)
  • Harold E. Ennes Scholarship (open to anyone)
  • Youth Scholarship (specifically for graduating high school seniors)
  • Robert D. Greenberg Scholarship (open to anyone)
  • Gino Ricciardelli Scholarship (open to anyone)
Grade Level/Age
High school students
The Society of Broadcast Engineers
Award information


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Ennes or Greenberg Scholarships, candidates must have a career interest in technical aspects of broadcasting. These scholarships are typically awarded to applicants who have some work experience in broadcast engineering and who are interested in continuing their education in order to advance their careers. Preference is given to those who are employed at least part-time in broadcast engineering and to those who are SBE Members.

To be eligible for the Youth Scholarship, candidates must be in their senior year of high school, anticipating graduation by the spring of 2024. Candidates must intend to enroll at a technical school, college or university in the fall of 2024. They must have a serious interest in pursuing studies leading to a career in broadcast engineering or closely related technical field.

The John H. Battison Founder’s Scholarship and the Gino Ricciardelli Scholarship are available to graduating high school seniors or those already actively employed in the broadcast engineering field. Either criteria described above, may apply to this scholarship.