The Geoscience Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, and Accessibility (IDEA) Scholarship program encourages women from under-served or marginalized communities to pursue an education and career in the Earth Sciences/Geosciences. Many research studies show the Earth Sciences are the least diverse community in all STEM fields. This Scholarship aims to counteract this and enhance diversity within the future Geoscience workforce.

Grade Level/Age
High School Senior
Geoscience Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Accessibility ( IDEA)
Award information


Eligibility Requirements
  1. Will be an undergraduate-level student in the upcoming school year.
  2. Identify in one or more historically marginalized or underserved communities, including but not limited to: Asian/Asian-American/Pacific Islander, Black/African-American, American Indian/Alaska Native, or Latin/Hispanic.
  3. Be enrolled in an accredited College or University in the United States.
  4. Have declared Earth Science or Geoscience as a major of study. (NOTE: This scholarship does not support students in STEM programs outside of the Earth Sciences. Please see the description above for more information on qualifying majors.)

High school seniors: If you are selected as a scholarship recipient, the funds will not be released until the Scholarship Committee receives proof of your enrollment at your chosen accredited institution as an incoming Freshman. This may be in the form of a letter from an academic advisor, a registered course schedule, or other form of proof from the Institution.