We promote the art and science of welding and educate people about career pathways in the welding field. We do this by publishing welding books and providing welding awards and cash prizes as part of our welding contests. JFLF’s welding awards program honors innovative and artistic student, teacher and professional welding projects and technical papers that highlight the welding process.

Our educational materials include lesson plans, welding project kits and arc welding tutorial DVDs for welding classes and welding projects. Whether it's creating a cool steel sculpture for a high school shop or art class or an intricate trade-level project, we want to officially recognize the welding process and the artistic impact it creates.


Grade Level/Age
High School Senior
The James F Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation


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Eligibility Requirements

Arc welding project submissions are open to all students 18 and younger who are enrolled in any school or training program. Students may submit written reports about the welding projects they have completed. The welding project may be a structure, a repair or an item made for home, farm, shop or recreational use. Students can submit a solo welding project, or work with a team of fellow students (five maximum, with instructor approval). Division I entries are first judged by region and then become eligible for national awards.