The future of innovation will rely on diverse minds bringing something new to the table and sharing unique perspectives that encourage discovery and growth. The STEM field is no exception, and our team at Learner believes people of color can help foster a world where diverse ideas propel scientific, medical, and technological advancement. As a result, we created Learner’s Annual Innovators of Color in STEM Scholarship.

Historically, underrepresentation has impeded the contributions of communities of color in STEM. While the modern education system has progressed and welcomed more diversity, we still have room to grow. With the ever-growing need for more innovation and diversity, now is the time to eliminate restrictive barriers for students of color who show an interest in pursuing STEM careers.

This scholarship aims to change this narrative by offering financial assistance to aspiring innovators of color, including high school seniors as well as undergraduate and graduate students. It’s a statement that diversity is the driving force behind groundbreaking discoveries, aiming to mitigate financial barriers and enable recipients to grow in STEM fields.

Our vision is to build a more innovative future in STEM shaped by individuals from all walks of life. By supporting students of color, we hope to cultivate a vibrant community of contributors.

Award information


Eligibility Requirements

Person of color student majoring in STEM. All high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible to apply.