• In our world, science and the arts are both very important aspects to our daily lives. If you’re navigating to a new restaurant your GPS uses the geolocation technology to help you get there but the interface was designed by an artist as well!
  • Although arts and the STEM fields are often seen as two very distinct industries, they have many similarities in what they bring to the world and the mental space in which they operate. These fields are the future and will be responsible for shaping a better world for generations to come.
  • This scholarship seeks to support Black students pursuing fields in STEAM in order to make these fields more equitable and accessible.
Grade Level/Age
High school students
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Eligibility Requirements
  • Any Black high school student in Texas who is pursuing science, technology, engineering, arts, or math may apply for this scholarship, but applicants from Wunsche Career Academy or Westfield High School are preferred.
  • To apply, submit an essay of 200-500 words and/or an audio file no longer than four minutes telling us why you’re pursuing your chosen path and who inspires you.