Each year parents are asked to complete a series of forms to update student information and for the new school year. See the Student Information Update Forms page for an overview of the forms that are included.

Printable instructions

Step 1. Log in to Skyward Family Access account.

Log in to Skyward here


Step 2. Once logged in find the Student Information Update Forms via one of these two methods.

Select the Student Information Update Button.


Then, click on the student’s name.



Click the Student Information Update link in the announcement box. 


Step 3. Make sure you are using a full-screen view.

To see and complete certain forms the screen should be full view. To view a screen full view click the View Full-screen button at the top of the screen.



Step 4. Complete a form and then move to the next screen.

Click the Complete Step and move to Step button at the bottom of each page to submit a completed screen.



Step 5. See that all forms are completed.

As each form is completed, a green check mark will display next to the form name. The last step will not get the check box, this is the final submit step.


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