Do you know where your tax dollars go?

Property values went up, so schools got more money, right? Wrong. Texas public schools do not receive all added revenue from increased taxes due to property value increases.


  • The state is spending $339 less per student today than it did in 2008. With inflation, that amounts to $795 less per student. If Garland ISD had $339/$795 ;more per student this year, that would equal $24.9 million/$58.4 million.
  • In the last decade, the state’s contribution to funding Texas public schools has decreased from 50% to 43%, while local communities’ share of support has grown from 50% to 57%.

We believe

All property tax dollars collected by public school districts should be spent on public schools.


Legislators are spending the “savings” from property value growth on items outside of educating Texas students. While public schools struggle to meet the demands of paying teachers competitive salaries and benefits, implementing 21st-century technology and resources, updating facilities and providing programs that benefit all students, the state is cutting its contribution to schools.

What can you do?

Let legislators know that you want tax transparency!

Contact your elected officials in Austin and tell them:

  • Do not divert tax dollars collected on behalf of public schools to the state’s general fund
  • Do not reduce the state’s contribution to public school funding
  • Be transparent with regards to spending the windfall from property value increases

Let legislators know that you want tax transparency!

This message was approved by the GISD Board of Trustees September 12, 2017.