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Employee Position
Dr. Gradyne Brown Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Dr. Dina Rowe Director - Elementary Human Resources
Atticus Wisener Director - Secondary Human Resources
Rodney McHenry Director - Auxiliary Human Resources
Eboney Forté Director of HR Systems
Annaluz Hill Director of Compensation
Vacant TBD Coordinator Human Resources
Anel Gonzalez Certification Officer
Connie Puente HR Analyst
Angelyn Pham Program Specialist GYO
Katera Washington Administrative Selection Specialist
Lisa Clark Substitute Office Manager
Centorial Willis Compensation Specialist
Jameka Peters Leaves Specialist (A-L)
Yolanda Greer-Ross Leaves Specialist (M-Z)
Glayds Delcid Leaves Specialist (Auxiliary)
Sara Perchan Certification Specialist
Candi Arredondo Background Fingerprint Specialist
Rhonda Jenkins HR Records Clerk
Mandy Smith Staffing Specialist
Ana Binongcal Staffing Specialist
Linda Espinoza Staffing Specialist
Dawn Covin Staffing Specialist
Felicia Crunk Staffing Specialist
Blanca Moctezuma Substitute Specialist I
Benita Carroll HR Hourly Pool Retiree Rehire
Carlissa Thomas Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of HR
Judie Golightly Secretary to Elementary Director
Vacant TBD Secretary to Secondary Director
Pam Cornelius Secretary to Auxiliary Director
Rosie Reyes Secretary Receptionist