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We appreciate your interest in considering our district for your clinicals. We accept applications at different times depending on the type:

  • Student Teaching: Fall and Spring semesters
  • Internships: Year-round (dependent on type)
  • Classroom Observations: Fall and Spring semesters

We accept requests from colleges, universities, alternative certification programs, and their affiliated staff. Availability may be limited, so please have your requests made as soon as possible.

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    Student Teaching and Campus Internships

    Step 1: Have your EPP make a formal request
    The contact for your Educator Preparation Program (EPP) must contact Angelyn Pham to make a formal request. The EPP should by complete and submit the EPP Student Teacher Intern Information form. If a student applies from the EPP and is not on the list, their application will not be processed.

    Step 2: Complete the Garland ISD online application
    All students/interns must complete the GISD Student Teacher Online Application

    Step 3: Get your fingerprint-based background check
    Complete the fingerprint-based background check form. Students will receive an email from IDENTOGO (nobody@uemail.identogo.com) with appointment scheduling instructions. If you do not receive this email within 3 days and have checked your spam filters, please email Angelyn Pham

    Step 4: Take your ID Badge photo and have it processed
    Please email your headshot to Angelyn Pham.This photo must be taken with a solid background, full-face view (nothing below the shoulders), and professional-looking (but can be taken yourself).

    Step 5: Wait to be placed and attend Student-Teacher orientation
    Preferences and special requests are honored based on availability.If a placement is made, students must attend a mandatory orientation.

    Contact for Student Teaching/Internships

    For more information about Student Teaching and Internships, contact:

    Classroom Observations

    We take observation requests during specific times of the year:

    Semester Dates Application deadline
    Fall Aug. 21-Nov. 17 Nov. 13
    Spring Jan. 29-April 19 April 15

    Submit an application

    Step 1: Go to our job portal
    Navigate to our Recruiting and Hiring portal to make a request

    Step 2: Find the observation listing
    Go to Job Listings and select the entry titled "Classroom Observation" on the lefthand vacancies menu.

    Step 3: Fill out an application
    Find and select the "Apply" button and complete the application. Submit when you are finished.

    Step 4: Submit and wait for verification
    After your application is submitted, you should receive a verification letter. It should arrive within 3 days of the observation period or submission of a background check.

    When you've submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation number and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications. Please note that a new application will be required each semester.

    Observing on campus

    Once you have a verification letter, contact the campus principal to request observation permission. You can begin observations once the principal has given you permission.

    Please be sure to sign in and out at the campus office for each visit and wear your visitor badge while you are on campus.

    Contact for Classroom Observations

    For more information about Classroom Observations, contact:

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