We're excited to welcome you to the GISD family! As part of our hiring process, there are a few steps that will need to be completed before you can start your first day at work.

What to expect

An applicant may be recommended for hire by the hiring team after the interview process is finished. Once initially cleared, applicants recommended for hire can begin the hiring process. Please note that the initial clearing period by the Staffing Specialist may take some time.

There are four steps to the hiring process:

  1. Fingerprinting/Background checks
  2. Credential Verification
  3. Final Approval by Human Resources
  4. Onboarding Appointment

After these steps are completed, you will receive official clearance from our Human Resources (HR) department. Please do not report to work unless you have been cleared by your HR Staffing Specialist.

Hiring process details

Fingerprinting/Background Check


Once hiring paperwork has been submitted to Human Resources, you will receive an email to your personal email address with information to begin the fingerprinting process (Fastpass). This step can take up to five business days to complete once the fingerprinting process is finished. 

Credential verification


Our certification team will review your credentials to determine your eligibility for hire. If additional information is needed, you will be contacted to continue the process.

HR Final approval


After your information has been processed through fingerprinting and credentialing, the approval process will begin. Once approved and finalized by an HR Director, you will be contacted by an HR Staffing Specialist.

Onboarding appointment


The HR Staffing Specialist assigned to your campus or department will contact you to schedule an appointment to bring in the following documents:

  • Social Security card (for payroll purposes)
  • Driver’s License (for payroll purposes)
  • Official College Transcripts (professional positions)
  • Service Records from previous employers, if applicable
  • Form I-9 and work authorization documents (see list of acceptable documents)

You will also need to upload your photo for the ID badge.

Additional documents may be requested based on the position. Your assigned HR Staffing Specialist will share what is specifically needed from you. Do not report to work unless you have been cleared by your HR Staffing Specialist.

Welcome to GISD

Once you've completed the process and have recieved final clearance, you are ready to start work!

Ready to get familiar with the district? See our New Employees page to learn a bit about GISD, and our For Staff page for helpful resources.

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