A subpoena must be served to the custodian of record for the requested records. The subpoena must specifically name the custodian of record and should explicitly outline the records needed.

If you have specific questions on the correct department or campus to serve a subpoena, please contact the Office of the General Counsel for further assistance at 972-487-3026.

Student Records

In the District, the principal is the custodian of all records for currently enrolled students at the assigned school.

Find individual school contact information on the School Directory page

The Student Services Executive Director is the custodian of records for students who have withdrawn or graduated.

Contact the Student Services Department

Personnel Records

A subpoena for personnel records, including personnel file, applications, benefits records and compensation records, will be served to the Human Resources Department.

Contact the Human Resources Department

Payroll Records

A subpoena for payroll records, including salary and tax forms, will be served to the Payroll Department.

Contact the Payroll & Benefits Department