Be a Good Sport!

Good Sport Do's

  • Do cheer for your team! Be positive and supportive of their efforts, no matter what. Please remember they are kids.
  • Do treat all fans with respect and dignity, including those on the other side. We want them to know GISD has the best fans, no matter what the scoreboard says!
  • Do use appropriate language at all times so that all around you are comfortable. Everyone deserves to enjoy the game in a pleasant environment.
  • Do patronize our concession stand; our boosters use the funds to support the team.
  • Do comply with all requests from officials, including emergency messages and procedures.
  • Do stay in authorized areas and focus on the game. The team needs you there!
  • Do keep our facility clean by picking up trash after the game. Be #GarlandISDProud.
  • Do report anything unusual or out of the ordinary that you see or hear to an official or administrator.
  • Do enjoy the game! We’re glad you are here.

Good Sport Don'ts

  • Don’t engage in verbal taunts or attacks on the other team, referees or coaches. Children are watching your behavior. Be a good role model.
  • Don’t antagonize, intimidate, ridicule or treat opposing fans rudely in any way. Welcome them with grace and respect. Like you, they are also our guests.
  • Don’t use offensive or vulgar language that is disrespectful or that would incite conflict. The only anxiety or stress at games should involve the score, not obnoxious behavior.
  • Don’t bring in prohibited items. All GISD property is tobacco free (including vaping), alcohol free and weapon free.
  • Don’t disrespect authorities who are here to ensure a safe and respectful environment for all. Do what they ask the first time. The focus should be on the game, not on your behavior.
  • Don’t go into prohibited areas of the facility. Cameras will record you.
  • Don’t assume that custodians will clean up after you. Pick up after yourself. They have a whole facility to clean, in addition to this event.
  • Don’t ignore rude or suspicious behavior. You don’t have to handle it yourself, either. Report any issues to campus officials/administration.
  • Don’t get ejected from the game for being a poor sport! You won’t get a refund, and you may not be able to come back.

Thanks for your cooperation. We know we can count on our fans to represent #GarlandUSA in the very best way at public events.

Specatator Code of Conduct 
Spectator Code of Conduct - Spanish 

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