What makes a great leader of self at the central office level?

There are actions and attitudes that indicate leadership behavior for a particular role. These role-specific behaviors can be used to coach and evaluate employees. The indicators can also be used to assess skills needed to advance to the next level of leadership. 

The role-specific behaviors for central office Leader of Self are outlined below.

Related job roles: Administrative Assistant, Analyst, Auditor, Investigator, Secretary, Technician

Need a hard copy? See the Leader of Self: Role-Specific Behaviors flyer (PDF).

We GROW Leaders

Foster Ownership

Takes responsibility for growth in self and others

  • Holds self accountable to meeting individual goals and models this behavior for department and colleagues  
  • Reflects on practice to identify and prioritize growth areas for peers and self
  • Consistently takes pride in own work and believes that own actions and responsibilities are critical lever for district success and student achievement
  • Operates with a sense of urgency, responsibility and purpose because of the significance of that impact

Pursue Continuous Growth

Seeks out and incorporates feedback into one’s practice; models being a learner and continuously seeks to grow & improve

  • Actively seeks and effectively applies feedback from colleagues and stakeholders 
  • Continuously reflects on own actions and behaviors, accurately identifies areas of strength and growth and works to improve areas of growth
  • Demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and improvement through engagement in professional learning based on their needs
  • Consistently display a growth mindset and embraces failures as an opportunity to grow; models this behavior for staff

Empower Others

Distributes leadership, giving people the opportunity to impact growth

  • Creates opportunities for campus staff to engage in leadership roles
  • Actively identifies student leaders and invests time and effort into supporting their growth and development 
  • Cultivates an environment where staff’s strengths are recognized and highlighted; actively identifies leadership potential in all staff, invests in their growth and development and supports growth in peers

We INSPIRE Innovation

Take Initiative

Anticipates and solves problems proactively, with resilience

  • Models resiliency, seeking opportunities to learn and grow from failure and challenges
  • Takes initiative to act and solve problems to ensure outcomes are achieved

Seek Innovation and Change

Actively embraces new ideas and creative solutions; leads others through change

  • Embraces new approaches to create better results
  • Willing to try new ways of doing things, productively challenging the status quo
  • Is comfortable with change and ambiguity and models an openness to change 
  • Adjusts leadership style to effectively respond to challenging circumstances

Celebrate Achievement

Recognizes and celebrates others for achievements; uses recognition to reinforce positive efforts

  • Systematically and equitably recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of students, staff and colleagues 
  • Inspires colleagues to accomplish their goals and provides individualized guidance and support in doing so
  • Consistently celebrates and rewards students, staff and colleagues who demonstrate exceptional effort and outcomes through specific praise and special touches

We STRIVE for Excellence

Focus on Student Success

Takes personal accountability for student outcomes and advancing student success

  • Consistently works collaboratively with campus staff to set ambitious goals for student success
  • Collects and analyzes multiple data systems to track achievement and growth 
  • Takes ownership of student results and creates a plan for improvement on campuses and within team
  • Proactively and continuously improves performance by focusing on needed areas of improvement
  • Acts decisively; recognizes when a decision is needed and either takes action or elevates it appropriately

Project Positive Presence

Exhibits poise, confidence, loyalty and integrity in all interactions

  • Consistently exhibits professionalism, honesty, integrity, fairness, stewardship, trust, respect and confidentiality and models this expectation for staff
  • Contributes to a culture of cohesion and assuming the best in others; demonstrates a genuine interest in what may be learned from others 
  • Resolves conflicts in a constructive manner
  • Models positivity and optimism when engaging with staff, students and families
  • Is highly-responsive, visible and accessible to stakeholders

Live the Vision

Understands that “We are all Garland ISD” – every individual’s actions contribute to reaching the future by driving excellence, one student at a time

  • Contributes to creating and implementing a team vision
  • Consistently acts in accordance with Garland ISD's values in a way that promotes the mission and vision of the district; decisions are rooted in "We are all Garland ISD"
  • Identify goals and objectives that have been siloed within the team
  • Articulates the team and district vision in a clear and consistent way to different audiences

We DEVELOP Relationships

Embrace Diversity

Values and celebrates all cultures and communities; fosters an inclusive environment for all, honoring backgrounds and identities

  • Creates an inclusive and equitable environment for all backgrounds and advocates for their needs
  • Forms collaborative relationships with others, including peers, parents and community members
  • Celebrates diversity and advocates for all staff and communities
  • Reduces and eliminates bias; actively ensures that neither conscious or unconscious biases negatively impact stakeholders

Communicate Effectively

Communicates clearly, proactively, and transparently with all stakeholders

  • Actively listens to others and responds with an acknowledgement and respect of their perspective
  • Is consistently accessible and responsive to all stakeholders through different forms of verbal and written communication 
  • Adapts communication style to meet needs of families and staff

Act with Compassion

Shows empathy and care for all stakeholders, upholding high expectations for self, students, and staff

  • Aware and informed about the personal circumstances and needs of colleagues while maintaining professional standards
  • Acknowledges significant events in the lives of colleagues with care, respect and compassion
  • Demonstrates empathy for colleagues while upholding high expectations for all