The College & Career Magnet, housed at Lakeview Centennial High School, is designed to prepare motivated students for entering college.

Through college-level courses or career exploration, students have the opportunity to leave high school with the educational foundation and critical thinking skills to pursue future goals.

Programs in the magnet are available as part of three different strands:

  • College - This strand includes the Collegiate Academy. The Collegiate Academy is a special component of the magnet with higher eligibility requirements and its own application.
  • Career - This strand includes the School of Business, Law and Criminal Justice, Future Teacher Internship and Television and Broadcasting components.
  • Classical - This strand is a continuation of the Classical magnet programs at Vial and Brandenburg.

See below for more information about specific components on the different strands.

More about program strands

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Students must:

  • be entering grades 9-10
  • get 50th percentile on the reading and math achievement test
  • pass STAAR/EOC
  • passing grades in core subjects
  • no serious discipline problems

*While the Collegiate Academy is managed under the broad umbrella of the College & Career Magnet programs at LCHS, its' eligibility requirements are different. See the Collegiate Academy page for details about the program, its application process and more.

How to apply

For application details and other application dates visit