Walk together

  • Younger children should always walk with an adult.
  • For older students, walk with a friend or two whenever possible.
  • Pick a safe route to school that parents have approved. Avoid dangerous intersections.
  • Stick to the route, even if friends want to take a shortcut.

Cross the street safely

  • Watch out for cars and trucks at every driveway and intersection. Look for drivers in parked cars. They may be getting ready to move.
  • Always wear bright-colored clothes, and if it is dark or hard to see, carry flashlights or wear reflective gear.
  • When near the street, don’t push, shove, or chase. 
  • Obey traffic signs, signals and crossing guards.

Avoid strangers

  • Avoid clothing or gear that has student’s name visibly displayed so that strangers can’t use that information to approach or engage children in conversation.
  • Never leave school with a stranger, hitchhike or take rides not previously arranged by parents.
  • If strangers offer a ride, say NO. Stay away from unknown cars and people.
  • If someone follows in a car or on foot, get away as quickly as possible, run in the other direction, and yell for help.
  • Encourage children to report suspicious behavior or strangers on campus, a public restroom or playground to a campus administrator or to another trusted adult.
  • For students who arrive home alone, remind them to lock doors, to call a parent to check-in, and to never open the door for a stranger. Students should not share with others that they are home alone after school.

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