What we do

Responsive Services counselors work specifically with students whose personal circumstances, mental health, or crises interfere with a healthy academic and personal/social development. Students may face family issues, loss, trauma, abuse, anxiety, substance abuse, self-harm, suicidal ideation, or a multitude of other issues and may benefit from counseling services.

Responsive Services counselors provide a range of services including individual counseling, small group counseling and referrals to outside agencies and support systems.

Additionally, counselors and social workers develop and implement programs, trainings and initiatives to educate and support the district and community and spread the message: #YouMatter.

Monthly training topics

Month Topic
August Reporting Child Abuse
September Suicide Awareness and Prevention
October Drug/Alcohol Prevention
November Grief Support
December Anti-Bullying/Cyberbullying
January Human Trafficking Awareness
February Teen Dating Violence and Kindness
March Adolescent Self Injury Awareness
April Child Abuse Prevention
May Summer is Hot; Counseling is Cool
June Home Safety

Our team

The Responsive Services Team is made up of licensed mental health professionals that specialize in diverse populations, trauma and crisis. Our team provides:

  • crisis intervention
  • individual counseling
  • small group counseling
  • referrals
  • community programs
  • training
  • mental health awareness

See our Responsive Services Virtual Office.

Jim Foster, CSCWJFoster@garlandisd.net
Jared Gavin, LCSWjgavin@garlandisd.net
Priya Roshan, LCSWproshan@garlandisd.net
Cindy Orozco, LCSWcorozco@garlandisd.net
Rhonda Johnson, LPCRJohnson2@garlandisd.net
Cyrus Lightsey, LMSWclightsey@garlandisd.net
Maritza Sanchez, LMSWmsanchez@garlandisd.net
Marina Dewberry, LMSWmdewberry2@garlandisd.net
Larry McEntire, LPCLMcEntire@garlandisd.net
Isabel Ghobrial-Ghali, LPCighobrialghali@garlandisd.net
Shanna Roberson, LPCsroberson@garlandisd.net
Jack Murphy, LPCjrmurphy@garlandisd.net
Janelle Nash White, LPCjnashwhite@garlandisd.net
Danny Medina-Rivera, PhD., LPCdmedinarivera@garlandisd.net

Garland ISD is a grief-sensitive district

We are committed to helping provide a supportive environment for students who are experiencing grief. All of our campuses have been certified as "Grief Senstivitve Schools". Visit grievingstudents.org for resources and to learn more about handling grief.

Child abuse

It is Texas law that anyone who suspects abuse is happening must report it to the DFPS. School staff and educators have a duty to be alert and willing to report suspicions of child abuse and neglect. Those who report are protected by the law, however, those who do not can be held liable.

We've collected information to help you in identifying and reporting child abuse:

Report child abuse

If you suspect a child is being abused, report it to:

Fighting Fentanyl

GISD is committed to doing our part during this Fentanyl epidemic. Watch the video to learn about the dangers of fentanyl, or see what Garland ISD is doing to help fight the fentanyl epidemic. #OnePillKills

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