Contracts and procurement transparency star award

This page provides an overview of our contracts and procurement data in accordance with the Texas Comptroller Transparency Stars program. Suppliers looking for current bid opportunities and related information may want to go directly to the How to do business with us section of our website.

How competitive solicitations are communicated

Our purchasing department recognizes the need to ensure the transparency of all procurement activity to taxpayers and suppliers. To support this, competitive solicitations are:

  • posted on the district website
  • listed with the Texas Comptroller's Electronic State Business Daily Search
  • advertised in the local newspaper as required by law

Suppliers listed in the district procurement system also receive email notifications of new solicitations (if subscribed), using our web-based bidding system.

Board of Trustee meetings are broadcast live so as many citizens as possible can view the contract approvals as they happen. Pending and awarded contracts are then listed publicly on the district website. Interested suppliers may schedule a meeting with purchasing department staff if they would like to know the rationale of why the contract was awarded to a competitor.  They may also be provided with a list of areas in which they might improve to help their chances of securing future opportunities.

Contracts and procurement summary

For the 2022-23 fiscal year, the district opened 51 and closed 44 competitive solicitations. The District received bids and RFP’s valued at $344,707,792 and 484 vendors received an award totaling $133,260,394.

View the 2020-23 Contracts and Procurement Summary for information on open contracting, bidding opportunities, and closed solicitations during those fiscal years.

School YearStudent CountAnnual Expenditure AmountsExpenditure Per StudentNumber of Posted SolicitationsNumber of Closed SolicitationsAuthorizations
2018-201955,987 $195,113,852  $3,485 7676$183,554,093

Note: The bond is being paid down and COVID expenditure reductions impacted the fiscal year 2020-2022.

Authorizations vs. expenditures time trend graph

A graph showing the expenditures vs. authorizations until 2022-23.

Figure 1: Authorizations vs. expenditures as of 2022-23 - See text description of the graph

Amounts awarded by contract by business sector

A pie graph showing the amounts of funding awarded by contract as of 2023.

Figure 1: Amounts awarded by contract as of 6/23 - See text description of the graph

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