First and second-year teachers in our district receive additional support through Project Goal, our induction and mentoring program for those new to teaching.

About the program

Project Goal was created to help new teachers thrive in the classroom. The program:

  • helps train teachers through partnerships with experienced mentors
  • guides teachers in using campus and district resources and building good relationships
  • teaches effective classroom and teaching methods
  • provides opportunities for encouragement and support

Teachers will learn about academic leadership, how to enhance teaching performance and positively impact student achievement through their mentor.

What should I expect?

During the first two years of teaching, teachers:

  • are assigned a 1:1 Teacher Mentor by their campus admin
  • meet with their mentors once a week
  • enroll in the New Teacher Canvas course
  • attend multiple days of new employee onboarding and training
  • attend 4 Lead Mentor Meetings that cover chapters from the New Teacher Induction Notebook
  • complete three new teacher induction sessions (New Teacher Induction, First Year Teacher Academy sessions)
  • can complete one observation (facilitated by mentor teacher)
  • attend professional learning events during the school year

Explore professional development

Learn more about professional development in our district by visiting our Professional Development Department's Intranet page (must be connected to district wifi or signed in) or our Training & Resources page.

The Professional Development Steam posing together and smiling while wearing polos with their department logo.

My Project Goal mentor, Mrs. Hayes, has been extremely helpful. I am very thankful to be paired with her as she has made my first year much more manageable.

Hannah Ratliff
22-23 First-Year Teacher

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