Booster clubs and parent organizations are separate and distinct entities from the district. You are responsible for all filings required by any applicable government or organization, including the UIL, State of Texas and U.S government. 

GISD aims to provide as many resources as possible to assist your group in adhering to rules and guidelines required by the district, the University Interscholastic League (UIL), and state and federal governments. 

Additionally, any accounts you control must be handled through separate bank accounts created through complete control of your organization, including the Employer Identification Number (EIN) and account name. These accounts and their records can not be maintained on district property or by district personnel.

It is a requirement for all Booster Clubs to view the Virtual Training Video and complete the Virtual Training Form in addition to submitting the required forms as explained below for every school year to

Booster Clubs should not engage in any activity or fundraising until Booster Club Training is completed and acknowledged and required documents are approved.

Approved 2023-24 Booster Clubs

Booster Club Campus Date Approved
Classical Center Brandenburg Braves Band Booster Club Classical Center Brandenburg 8/25/2023
Classical Center Brandenburg Choir Booster Club Classical Center Brandenburg 10/20/2023
Coyle Band Booster Club Association Coyle MS 9/13/2023
Garland HS Band Boosters GHS 10/6/2023
Garland HS Baseball Booster Club GHS 10/5/2023
Garland HS Choir Booster Club GHS 9/19/2023
Garland HS Night Owl Players GHS 9/26/2023
Garland Swim Boosters GHS 8/25/2023
Garland HS TNS Step Team GHS 1/10/2024
Garland ISD FFA All (CTE) 2/14/2024
Moo GHS Mighty Owl Orchestra Booster GHS 9/28/2023
Reel Owl Cinema Booster Club GHS 9/28/2023
Lakeview Centennial HS Band Boosters LCHS 12/1/2023
Lakeview Centennial HS Cheer Booster Club LCHS 1/10/2024
Lakeview Centennial HS Class of 2024, 2025 & 2026 Parent Booster Club LCHS 8/16/2023
Lakeview Centennial HS Football Booster Club LCHS 8/17/2023
Lakeview Sweethearts Booster Club LCHS 8/16/2023
Naaman Forest Band Boosters NFHS 9/29/2023
Naaman Forest Baseball Booster Club NFHS 9/13/2023
Naaman Forest Cheerleader Booster Club NFHS 8/25/2023
Naaman Forest Choir Booster Club NFHS 9/18/2023
Naaman Forest HS Football Booster Club NFHS 9/19/2023
Naaman Forest Sterling Stars Booster Club NFHS 8/15/2023
North Garland Raider Band Booster Club NGHS 8/17/2023
Lady Eagles Softball Booster RHS 9/28/2023
Rowlett HS Band Boosters RHS 9/26/2023
Rowlett HS Baseball Booster Club RHS 9/21/2023
Rowlett HS SRD Bootbackers RHS 9/18/2023
Sachse HS Baseball Booster Club SHS 9/21/2023
Sachse HS Class of 2024 Booster Club SHS 9/21/2023
Sachse HS Class of 2025 Parent Booster Club SHS 9/13/2023
Sachse HS Robotics Parent Booster Club SHS 10/5/2023
Sachse HS Swingsters Booster Club SHS 9/13/2023
Sachse HS Tennis Booster Club SHS 9/26/2023
Sachse Mustang Theatre Booster Club, Inc SHS 9/18/2023
South Garland Baseball Booster Club SGHS 10/5/2023
South Garland Royal Legacies Booster Club SGHS 9/21/2023

"District-affiliated school-support or booster organizations shall organize and function in a way that is consistent with the District's philosophy and objectives, and within adopted Board policies, in accordance with applicable UIL guidelines, and financial and audit regulations." The booster clubs listed above are compliant with the IRS, the State of Texas, and the Garland ISD Booster Club requirements. These are the only booster clubs that are approved to operate in the 2023-24 school year.

Garland ISD Policy

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State Contacts

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Public Information & Assistance 512-463-2007 or 1-800-252-8011
Texas Secretary of State 512-463-5600
Texas State Comptroller Toll Free Phone Numbers
Exempt Organizations Dept. 1-800-531-5441 ext. 34142
Sales and Use Taxes 1-800-252-5555
University Interscholastic League 512-471-5883

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